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THE KEEPERS OF TEXAS BEAUTY'S BEASTLY CHALLENGE She thought she'd been invited to the Keepers' Texas ranch to do her family a favor, but feisty redhead JoAnn Murray was beginning to sense a fix-up. Was she really there to tame cantankerous Andrew Parsons… or to be asked to throw caution to the wind and marry the arrogant beast?No little lady was gonna make him change his ways! Or so Andrew thought… until he got a look at the beguiling beauty those blasted Keepers had sicced on him. With one pout of her pretty lips, Andrew's gruffness disappeared, replaced by a grim determination to make JoAnn see him as something other than a challenge… and perhaps a potential groom?THE KEEPERS OF TEXAS: Every book's a keeper in this sexy saga of untamable Texas men and the stubborn beauties who lasso their hearts.
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