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Professional English in Use ICT is designed for intermediate to advanced level learners of English who need to use the English of computing and the Internet for work, home or study. The book covers a wide range of up-to-date topics on Information Communications Technology including computer systems, word processing, spreadsheets and databases, multimedia applications, email, web design and Internet security. There are also units on word building and typical language functions used in the world of ICT. The units present and explain new words in context and show learners how to use them. Primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice book, it can also be used to supplement classroom work. 40 easy-to-use units: vocabulary items are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice exercises on right-hand pages. Presents and explains all new vocabulary in context. ‘Over to you’ sections give learners the opportunity to put the language into practice. Informed by the Cambridge International, Corpus, ensuring the language taught is frequent and up-to-date. Includes a comprehensive, learner-friendly answer key.
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